Grade 6


What home means to me

Home is a roof above my head
It’s a place where I can lay safely on my bed
In bad weather my home keeps on fighting against it
Like when trees get knocked down on my home and hit

Some people might ask what else is a home I can’t think of anymore it’s hard
I would say well memories come at home but it’s not all the house that makes memories,
 it’s also the yard
it’s where I play anything I want, soft or hard big or small but either way it’s still a yard

A home is what keeps you warm on cold days
Homes keep you cool on hot days

Food and water gets stored in the kitchen my family relies on it so our food doesn’t grow old
Cheese, milk, and fruit get stored in the fridge to keep the items cold
We have a pantry for the other food [water] that doesn’t need to be cold that’s what I’m told

Home is where my family is where I see them every day
It’s we sing, laugh, cry, worship, and play

Home will always be there if there is a storm and your house is gone you still have it because it’s also your family.