Grade 4


What Home Means To Me

Home means happiness to me, also it means sharing my feelings and being welcome every single day. I feel welcome and happy there. My parents give me a giant hug every day of every month. I can share my feelings every single day.

When I was sad after a very bad day at school, I went to my home and I calmed down and I felt very happy again. I always feel comfortable in my home, even when I am not sitting on something comfortable like a hard chair with no cushion. I feel secure from anything bad coming into my home. I can go into my room and I have blankets and I am never scared in my room in my home. I feel safe in my home because my family is with me. When there was a big storm and I almost cried because I was little and the power was out and I got scared, I went to the basement with my family and they calmed me down.

I will always love my home, even when I am not there.