Grade 5


What Home Means to Me

When I close my eyes and think of home, my first thought is of my family. I can’t imagine life without my family. I think that a family is one of the most important parts of a home. If people didn’t have family, who would be there when you’re sad? Who would make you laugh? Who would share their opinions with you about something that you can’t decide? I like to know that, when I come home, there will be people asking how my day was. I would hate coming home to a cold, empty, place without people to talk to and be with. I think that without family, people get grumpy pretty fast.

The next thing I think of is love. When I’m at home, love is all around me. Love also ties in with family, because everyone needs someone/something to love or be loved by in their life, and that someone could be family. I think love is in the top 10 things in a home. I wouldn’t like to live in a place where everyone was mad at each other all the time. I like to know and feel that I am loved and cared for. When you love someone, you usually care for them, too. It it nice to be cared for. If you aren’t cared for, it is often like you are a slave, because in the old days, when people were slaves, it was like they were a bed or a chair. If you aren’t cared for, you often feel like that.

I also think safety is really, really important. I mean, who would like to lie awake in bed, wondering if someone might break into your house????? I would prefer to live in a safe, friendly neighborhood, than a cold, unfriendly environment where someone might break in any moment. People are living in places where it is cold and unfriendly, and I wish everyone could live in the good type of neighborhood. I also would hate to be in a neighborhood where you can’t even go for a walk for fear of being kidnapped or something bad like that happening.

A good home also would be a place where you don’t go hungry. A place where you can have a variety of nutritious food and go to bed with a full stomach. It wouldn’t be a very good home if you can afford a house, but you don’t have enough food to eat and always have a little pang of hunger. I sometimes am really hungry, but then I grab a bite to eat and I am fine until the next meal. Imagine knowing that when you get home, you will only get a little bit to eat.

I think a home should be all of these things. If only people would reach out and help them a little bit, it would make a big difference. Even if it is a little act of kindness, like giving a homeless person leftovers from your lunch, it will make a big impact in someone’s life. Another way to help is donate!!! Just $10 would make a big difference. I think everyone in the world should have a safe home filled with family and love.