Grade 5


What Home Means to Me

My home

In my house it’s my mom ,my sister, my grandma, my grandad, my uncle and me. I wish my dad was still in Ontario but he is in Saskatchewan right now. So I get sad sometimes at night. My mom says I’m lucky to have a home and food so don’t be selfish. I feel bad for others because I’m lucky to have a chromebook and a nintendo Ds and a tv and some people don’t even have a home. I feel sorry for the people that don’t have a home. So stop what you are doing and think of what it would be like to be homeless. I see people at the side of the the road with a signs that says something like “Please help me if you have spare change or food” so I hope I have change to give to them but my smile always turns into a sad face if I don’t have any spare money.

How a home should be like

A home is supposed to be a place for laughter and a peaceful place that you can trust everyone who is living with you in your home. A home should be a place where you have food and water and a bed to sleep in at night. So the poor kids that can’t have a good childhood, and when they’re older and they think about when they were younger and they didn’t have a good childhood, that wouldn’t be a good thing to have to remember.