Grade 5


What Home Means to Me

Our homes means lots to me because I live in it with my family, also our families love us alot so we should respect them every place you go, even in your house. Our parents paid lots of money for our home so we should be responsible enough to take care of our own homes. In a home I would play a lot with electronics or toys like pokemon cards, ipads, action figures, phones and others. And my home is important because I sleep in my home, I play in my home, I eat in my home and of course I use the bathroom in my home. Where do you eat most of your food? At home of course that’s why you respect every room for example, if you play on your bed and mess it up you should fix your bed because you don’t live in a garbage can!

You should always be thankful you have a home whether it’s boring or not because some people don’t have enough money to afford afford a home sometimes not even a pencil! People who don’t have a home often sleep near the street or next to a fence so be glad you have a home. People without a home have almost no money not even enough money to eat food, and how are they going to use the bathroom without a home? You always must respect your home to show you care about others that don’t have homes.