Grade 4


What Home Means to Me

What home means to me?

In my eyes home means family.
Every day I walk through the door of my house, I smell homemade meals prepared by my mom.
I love to hear music played throughout my house and my family singing along.
My family is spontaneous and after a meal we often dance on the kitchen floor.
Home to me means hugging my family, praying, laughing and playing together.
When Christmas comes we all love to decorate the Christmas tree, bake cookies, sing carols and getting our home ready for celebration.
I feel safe at home because my family is there for me.
Home means also caring for others and helping each other with home chores. On Saturday mornings when my parents are still asleep I take care of my brother and give him first breakfast.
When my mom needs help with folding clean laundry, my brother and I race to give her a hand.
Helping dad to clean leaves in the backyard brings a lot of joy and fun to our family.
Going on a vacation is nice but when I come back to see my home and sleep in my own room I feel really happy and comfortable.
When I think of home, I think about my family traditions. In my home we speak Polish, pray in Polish and a lot of food dishes are prepared based on Polish recipes.
I really like to spend time with my family in the kitchen where we have family conversations, play board games and do our homework.
By writing about what home means to me I realized how important my family is.
When I will grow up I would like to carry on my family traditions and the way how my parents created a home for me and my brother.