Grade 6


What home means to me

What Home means to me

A home is a place with love.
Like a happy picture of a dove.
Where you have friends that are
there. Who don’t care what you wear.

A home is where I like to be.
With my kind and loving family.
My home is one of a kind.
Because my home is loved
with the heart and mind.

A home is a place to be glad.
To be happy and giggle with
your mom and dad. That let
you play and make your day.
when you are really sad.

But, there are people without
a home. Who walk around and
roam. That is why I am typing
about home. To brighten a families
life with my one poem.

I don’t really care about the prize.
Because that would not be wise.
I just hope my contribution is enough.
To make a families life less rough.