Grade 5


What home means to me.

Home is a safe place where you can sleep,eat,and have a good time. When’ I come home I always smell the fresh cooking from my mom.

One of the memories that I have was when I saw a home for the first time when I was a baby.Another memory that I have was me moving to a new home.Home is a place where you’re happy that you have a place to live.Home is a place where you’re educated by manners and social skills.At home I am taught manners and social skills.Another memory that I have was when I moved to Toronto from Russia and had my first home in Toronto.I felt happy that I moved because I always wanted to live in another country.

Home is important for people because people need to live and have their own place to be in.

It doesn’t matter if a home is big, or small as long as you can live in it.

Also in a home you can have birthday parties.

In a home you can have fun and have playdates.When I come home from school, I love looking at my house. I feel lucky that I have a home.

People deserve a home because people need to be in a place where they can live.Also people deserve a home because they need a place to sleep,eat, be safe and have a good time.