Grade 4


What Home Means to Me!

What Home Means to Me!
Home is where I am protected, safe and guarded from bad people and bad weather like storms, snow rain, heat waves, hail and lightening.
Home is a place where I am happy, joyful, peaceful, loved, relaxed, calm and glad because my family is there playing games. Home is good.
Home is where you are very important, welcome and comfortable because family is there to make you comfortable.
My home is very relaxing because when I go inside my room when no one else is there I turn on the music and it is relaxing.
My home is special because when it is late, we can play lots of games with my family.
Home is where I play soccer in my backyard which is big. I love my home. It provides a roof over my head.
Home is where my family goes for special occasions to celebrate a lot.
Home, home, I love my home. It is awesome. It is great. It is the best. I love my home!