Eunice Ann

Grade 5


What Home Means to Me


Home is where anyone can be anything they want to be. People can feel safe, happy, and loved. Home is where we celebrate family gatherings, birthdays, Christmas, as a family. Home can bring back good memories and new ones as well. Whenever I go home from school more alive. Home brings me love. My family supports me in my home and loves me in my home. The people who have homes are lucky. Most people in the world don’t even have homes. So the people who do have homes are very lucky. They should appreciate what they have and not complain. That’s what I do,and I have a perfectly good life. With all my friends and family that care for me. I love my home very much. It’s where I grew up in and become who I become today .Think of the people around the world who don’t have homes. I think everybody should have a home and feel safe in their home. I love my home.