Grade 6

British Columbia

What Home Means to Me

The meaning of home.

Sometimes I hear people say, that home is where you live. Sometimes people say home is a place to stay safe. Sometimes, people don’t even care about their home.
For me, home is a place to live and to stay safe, and more. Home is a happy place, where you grow up, and have fun. It’s where you come back to, every day. It’s a place where you look forward to, after a hard day at school, or work. It’s a place to cooperate, not argue. It’s a place of freedom, and joy. It’s a place to love, like your family.
Some people don’t have a home, they live in the streets, cold, hungry, and sad. They live in fear of sickness, and danger of death. For me, all people should have a home, of warmth, comfort, and love. They should all feel freedom, and joy, because everyone has a right to have a home. We can help them, but we must work together. I know we can help them, but only if we try.
Home is a place, to keep in your friends, in your family, and in your heart.