Grade 6


What Home Means to Me

What Home Means to Me

Home means so much love to me,
When I’m inside, it’s like I’m free

My mother, my father, my baby brother,
My family are my greatest lovers

We all talk together, we all love a giggle,
Or we all sing a song, like a very catchy jingle

We watch TV, or play a game,
Or watch outside, and look at the rain

Sometimes, we all go out to the movies,
Or go to the park, drinking strawberry smoothies

Then we eat dinner, some spaghetti and cheese,
Or a peanut butter sandwich, take off the crusts please

Then it’s night time, I get my kiss,
That’s the part of the night I will always miss

And then I wake up, it’s a brand new day,
I get very happy, I can finally play.


Some other people don’t have a home,
A place where they can peacefully roam

We have the money, we all can share,
Because everyone deserves loving care

Some homeless people, they live in the streets
And other people don’t even have enough to eat

If we share what we have, no one will be sad
Then we can all have a party, and all of us be glad!