Grade 6


What home means to me.

What home Means to Me.

“Home is not a place… it’s a feeling.” “A house is made of wood, a home is made of comfort and safety”. At home is where you grow up, where you eat dinner, most nights. In a house you can customize your surroundings, a home does not have to be customized, it is already perfect. With a home you are emotionally attached, not just staying there.
A house is built, a home is made by a family. Together the families will make memories and the house will slowly become a home. It could be a 24 million dollar house but when you have a home it feels like a 30 million dollar house. People without a home do not feel this way. Even people with a house do not feel this way sometimes.
There are millions of people living on the streets of Canada, or Earth, they have no homes. They do not get to return home each day to what we get to come home to. For some people their only home is a car, a bench,a road, even under a building. Many kids with homes are sad when they cannot get a toy, but even more families cannot come home to a roof over their heads.
Why am I writing this essay you ask? Well I want to show you my meaning of home and the differences between a home and a house. In simplest terms it means a home is not always visible, a house is. You can live in a home and a house. Only for some people a home and a house are the same place but not for others. I wish that every child could feel what it’s like to have a home.