Grade 6

Moncton NB
New Brunswick

What home means to me

Hi there, today I am going to share what home means to me and how it makes me feel.

I feel that I am loved, cared for, accepted for who I am, and able to be me. A home to me also means that I know I am safe, and with things like a bed, a kitchen, food, electricity, heating, family, clothing, a place for laughter, hugging, hanging out with the people you love, traditions and emotions.

Another thing that is very important is health. For good health, you need the right amount of sleep, clean water, clean oxygen, medications when you sick and more. Then comes the bills. You can’t get water [unless you have a well], heating, electricity, mortgage and other utilities you might need in a home without paying. And with all those expenses some people may not be able to afford it.

And it’s super sad and not fair for them. So that’s when habitat for humanity comes in. They build house for people that have that same problem! I feel that everybody should be able to have a home and feel the way that I feel in my home. So that’s why this fundraiser is great! And know what’s cool? Every essay published, has a ten dollar donation! You also have a chance to donate fifty hundred dollars to the habitat for humanity nearby you! So with those donations, a lot of people with less amount of money, can afford to know and feel a happy home with the awesome help and effort of habitat humanity!

Finally, I am happy that more people will be able to know how home feels.