Grade 6

New Brunswick

What Home Means to Me

A house is just a house, until a family moves in and makes it a home.
For me, my home is where you feel loved, appreciated, and safe.
When you are sad, mad, happy or excited, a home filled with your family
is always there for you . For instence, my parents, my brother, my sister
and I fights some times but, we are sill a family . Some peole have no
home . My family is lukey that we have a home. To help build a home for
some one, they will feel appreciated and loved . It costs a lots of money to
have a home because of insurance, heating and lots of other needs . Some
people can not afford all of there needs . I would feel awful if one of my
family members did not have a home. When I am sixteen, I would love to
help out for Habitat for Humanity, because I would like to help others
however I can. Now you know that home is where the heart is.