Grade 6

New Brunswick

What home means to me

What home means to me is that I feel safe and it make me feel I can do my own thing for example, I love to sing and sometime I am scared to sing in front of people but when I am home I sing all of the time, I am very lucky that I have a roof over my head. My sister sometime says it is not fair and I say to my sister that we are so lucky some people don’t even have a house to live in.
My favorite part of my house is my bedroom. I don’t share a room with my sister my room is a place where I am not listening to my sister watch TV or my dad watching football game of even my mom singing while cooking. My room is where I can relax and can do my own thing.
My home is fun and I think my house is one of the safest places I know. When I get home I feel like I know that I am home. I live with my sister and parents. We live in the Old West End. Home is where you love your family being nice to everybody like your neighbors and your friends.

I love my house so that’s why you should let other people have the same things like I do so help the Habitat for Humanity.