Grade 6

New Brunswick

What Home Means To Me

My home is wonderful. I have beds, tables, chairs and lots of other needs. I feel loved appreciated but my parents ae divorced but, their houses feel like I’m safe and secure, warm, loving, caring home. I feel so grateful to have a house with people who love me, that are kind and caring. At my mom’s house, I’m safe and secure just like I’m at my dad’s house I’m safe and secure. As I know some people who can’t afford a home with electricity internet and heat. For instance, some people don’t even have a home that they can afford, so they have to rent an apartment or a trailer. Sometimes you don’t get paid a lot of money at work like your living off $15 per month. But some families in the world can’t have a new home with heat and electricity window that aren’t even useful sometimes they can’t afford their kids going to school, buying a car, eating, or having a warm home. All those little things can be changed if we donate you would not like it if you were living in a old run down house you want a house that you feel safe and secure in you wouldn’t even feel safe or secure in I would dislike that and I am so lucky and fortunate to have home that I feel safe in and most important that you love your home. But we can change the world for people to have a good life with a house that has heat, electricity so be happy and donate at least $10 for the families who need a home. So, thank you for reading or listing to my essay.