Grade 6


What Home Means To Me

What Home Means To Me
Home to me is happiness, family, love and acceptance. Home is a place to be yourself, be lazy a bit, and be in peace. Whether you live in a condo, apartment, big house, small house, a bungalow, or a two story house. You feel safe in your home. At home your relatives will help you when you’re sad, depressed, or angry.

Your family loves you to pieces. Home is a wonderful and beautiful place, home is a place where you make great memories, and have a lot of fun. Home is a magnificent place, and you will always be accepted by your parents. They will never turn away from you, they’ll always be by your side when you have rough times, I want you to understand that someone will always love you. Sometimes you’ll have some bad moments, and some great, amazing moments. Your family loves you no matter what.

Always remember if you’re not happy, your family isn’t happy. If you’re happy, your family is happy. What home means to me, a place to be happy or sad, mad or glad. Home is the best place to be merry, joyful, and jolly. Of course there’ll be good times, and sad times, but just always stay positive. Home is the most lovely place, don’t be too serious at home ; just let loose, don’t worry about all your troubles and relax. When I think about home it makes me really happy.
Some people don’t have a home and we can change that, by helping them. A home is not a home if the people inside don’t love, and care for each other.