Grade 6


What Home Means to Me

What Home Means To Me

To me a home is a very special thing. Also, it’s a very special word. To me home means bonding with your family. Also, it means taking a break and having fun and being a bit lazy and having a good and fun time. My family is my home! I love my home because my family accepts me, and what I like and do, and they help me a lot. I would be really, really sad if one of my family members passed away because I would not see them anymore and then a part of my home would be empty. They would still be part of my home because they would be in heaven watching over me and they would still love us as we would still love them. I really love my home because we have lots of food that we are grateful for and we have fun devices and games to play with, and comfy furniture to relax on. We are very lucky to have things such as four televisions and a projector. Our home is getting renovated right now and it is almost finished. My family and I are very grateful for our new and improved home. I’m very excited for when it will be finished. Also, home also means hard work and cleaning because my family and I clean a lot. My home is very loving, and caring place, I think it is the best place on Earth! I’m very lucky to have a home because not everyone has a home. My home is my world to me. My wish is for everyone to have a loving home like me!