Grade 6

New Brunswick

What Home Means to Me

What Home Means to Me!

In a home, there is love and happiness.
In a home, there could be sadness and fear.
Home doesn’t just mean to sit inside.
Home means to me to go outside.
Home doesn’t mean to play video games all year long.
Home means to me spending time with your family; not just playing with your toys.
Don’t make your family be sad; make them happy.
Spend time with them and then you’ll feel glad.
In your home, have fun and don’t be rude or else you’ll get sent to your room!
Maybe you could try to have a great time.
Amuse your family with all your funny jokes and make them laugh!
But just promise you won’t make them cry and try your best to give them attention:
Your Mom, Dad, brother, sister, cat or dog or perhaps there’s just too many to mention!
All home means to me is to have fun, love your family when you can and bring some joy to your family!

Have a great day Habitat for Humanity!