Grade 6

Conception Bay South
Newfoundland and Labrador

What Home Means To Me


Home is not a place, or a time, home is a feeling you get, knowing that within these walls, roof and floor you are surrounded by caring, loving family (even that sibling[s] that drives you crazy).


Peace is the feeling you have in your heart, remembering the memories you’ve made in the place you call home. It’s knowing that you are protected from the things that used to threaten you, but don’t anymore because you are safe in that feeling of peace.


Love is the thing that binds us together in this crazy world. It will NEVER fade. So bring on the hurricane! Love will get through it. Your home will get through it. You know how I know? Because of Peace. Because of Love. Because of Home.

My Home…..

My home is all my memories wrapped up tight, never to be lost. My home is where my injuries heal. My home knows all my hopes, dreams and secrets. My home is my closest friend. Friends will come and go but home is forever. My home is where the adventure begins.