Grade 4


What home means to me

Through my life,I have lived in three different homes. My first one was in Winnipeg,Manitoba. My street name was Craig street. I don’t remember a lot,
because I was only about two when we moved away. I think that house had been there for more than fifty years! The next house I lived in was in Calgary, Alberta. One of my best memories was my mom’s 40th birthday. A couple of days before her birthday, we took her out for supper to the Olive Garden. After that we went to look at Christmas lights. There was one house with so much stuff, that me and my mom thought it must have cost 1,0000 dollars! Then we headed home. When we got in the house, there were balloons on the floor. At first I thought robbers had broken in and started a party! But really it was all our friends and family, and they had started a party! We stayed up until 10:30!
One of our traditions is the elf on the shelf. I got her when I was about 5, and named her Princess Elf Heart. She comes only at Christmas time and does silly stuff. One time she hung our underwear on the Christmas tree! Another time she strung ribbon from the chandeliers and hung there! Home means me because it is a place I can be me.