Grade 6


What Home Means To Me!

What Home Means to Me!

What home means to me! I love my home, it’s truly the best! Home is not just a house, it’s a family, loving and supporting each other, and my home is just one big happy family! Every day I come back from school, my parents are waiting there to give me one big hug, I leap into their arms and give them kisses. I am head up to my bedroom and I pass my three brothers, they are just waiting to say “Hello.”My dog realizes I’m home and as I walk through the hall, I hear rough scratching against the floor and he leaps into my arms and he knocks me down!
I enter my lovely bedroom and as I look around, I drop my backpack upon the ground! In my home, I have my room that has all my keepsakes, for example my toys, books, clothes, and of course my bed! I head back down to eat dinner. I enter the kitchen and I immediately have a burst with the smell of supper! We sit at the table and eat; all this food warms my heart with flavour.
Home is where I can be myself, and where I won’t get judged for being silly. If I make mistakes it won’t matter. My family makes me laugh and smile which makes my heart go an extra mile! I keep everything at home.
One time we went out to get some fresh groceries, and while driving we pass a homeless family; we stopped and gave them some money! Those people that live on the street without food or water, without a roof or a home! I feel very lucky to have a home, and to have a family. So let’s join up and work together!