Grade 4

Calgary, Alberta

What home means to me

What does home mean to me
By Evan Heiraas
To me, home is a place where you can spend time with your family. When you’re going through something tough your family goes through it with you. Many times I have thought about running away from home because I sometimes want to tell myself what to do, but then I realize what would I do without my home and family. To me I don’t know what to do without my home. That is one of the places I feel really safe and happy, especially when we get along. One really great memory is when I would stand on the top of our stairs with a cowboy hat on, playing my toy guitar and sing praise to God. My mom thought it was so funny and vidoed it multiple times! Another memory is when my sister would walk into my room with my old guitar and one of her books and go in and sing yes lord yes lord. That was hilarious. Home is a really nice place to be.