Grade 6


What Home Means to Me

My home is a place
where I can always feel safe.
It keeps me warm at night,
Even when there is no light.

My room is a mess,
But I will never love it less.
When I lie on the couch, I would always rest
Because I know it is the best.

Home is where I learned to read
Which is something I will always need.
Though my home may seem small,
I will always love it all.

Home is where I learned to play,
I will do it every day!
My home is always filled with laughter,
Then, my dad is joking right after.

A home is something everyone should have
Rich or poor, and especially sad.
Their home should be a welcoming place
And can also never be erased.

It should be a place where they feel warm,
While also hiding from a storm.
A place where they feel right,
Every day and every night.

Their home should be filled with love,
And also never be rid of.
It should be a place of comfort,
And never where they have to suffer.

I love my home because
It will never leave me alone.
Though my home may seem small,
It is the most important thing of all.