Grade 4

British Columbia

What home means to me

I am very grateful to have a home, especially because I have medical conditions; having a home could allow me to live longer because I have access to my medical supplies. At home, I feel happy because I have survival supplies, like food and water. At home you have blankets and a bed that you can warm up in; if you don’t have a home you could possibly get cold and wet at night. If you have a home you’re going to be safe because there are adults around, and locks on the doors, to keep you secure at night. When you have a home you can easily relax by watching television or laying down on a bed; whereas, if your homeless you might be hungry, cold, stressed out, and unable to warm-up or relax. At home, I use electronics to communicate with my family, but most of my family live far away, so if I was homeless it would be very hard for me to contact them. When you are homeless you will definitely not have a fancy washing machine and dryer to give you nice clean clothes to wear to school. If you do not have clean clothes you might not be able to go to school, and then you will not be as smart as you could be when you grow up. I am very grateful to have a home because it would be difficult for me to survive with diabetes and asthma if I did not have a warm, safe, secure home.