Grade 6


what home means to me+

What Home Means to Me!
Home is like a stuffed bear, so cozy that the feeling will make you want to fall asleep on the spot. Smelling giant apple pancakes always wakes me up and it would wake you up to. When you walk into the kitchen you’ll see mom and all the silly siblings dancing to music while cooking. Then mom will turn down the music while you’re eating and keep asking you if “you would like another one dear”. Sometimes when she says that I’ll just stare and smile ear to ear. After you’re done eating mom will give you hugs and tell you to go downstairs. Entering the bedroom you’ll see many snowboarding stickers on the gleaming mirror, it reminds me of when I went snowboarding with the man of the house every weekend. It felt so good when you are whipping and gliding down the steep, snowy hills. The best thing of all is when the hilarious but slightly annoying children come down to play. They run and dive into the leather couch and start roaring like animals. Fighting with all their might, being stubborn because they don’t want a hug. Older siblings have to calm them down and ask if they want to play hide and go seek they usually all say yah! One of the best hiding places is the bedroom closet, I’ll never forget when the youngest brother told me to SHH… for the first time. That’s what home means to me.