Grade 6


What Home Means To Me

Home, it’s a word that means a lot to us. Where we giggle and hug, and have joy. Such a huge place yet so small! So warm and peaceful, and full of love. Come home from a long day, walk in the front door and you see freedom and happiness. How I see home is just…. like …..This.
Kitchen, oh what a sight to see! One little girl with her sister making cookies that are many colors and shapes. Dogs rapidly speed through, and the smell of divine food and baking. Clear, tasty water coming through the silver tap, falling and splashing down the drain. Too much for a tiny place, yet completely full of smells.
Living room, just as cozy and soft as a bed. Were we talk, laugh, gather. Two sisters putting plenty of ornaments onto the tall, spiky tree. So colorful with all of those glorious lights! One look out the window with silky, smooth, cream curtains. All you see: shimmery, fluffy snow piled onto the ground. Such a lovely sight to see!
Bedrooms, a comfy hut in a shadowy, isolated, bitter forest. Two parents and their daughters piled onto the bed cuddling each other. Canines sound asleep curled in a ball. Everyone huddled together, we’re just a joyful, playful, little family. With a mothers lullaby’s being sung in soft melodies and many giggles while their being tickled lovingly. Love is what matters most.
Lastly, outside, in the cool brisk air, a mother, a father, and two sisters playing in the yard. Look out for the dogs running at us! “You guys are little goofs.’’ said the father with a chuckle. “Hilarious!’’ the youngest daughter blurted.
That is what a home is and what is inside. This is something that I care about dearly, bye!