Grade 6

oak bank

what home means to me

What home means to me
Who would ever think that there is a difference between a home to a house?
In a home you feel welcome and warm inside every time you enter. Also, a home is were you make memories and you follow your dreams.
A house is just a building. A home is not just a building it is a place were you feel welcome. A home could be a yard or it could be a bush. A home can be any place were you feel comfortable.
In a home you have fun and you play. In a home you feel warm inside. When you come into a home you go downstairs and it smells like wood burning .It gives you a warm feeling inside. When you go in the kitchen it smells like cookies baking and it makes you hungry. In a house it might not be very welcoming. My home is my favorite place to be. In my home, I really like to wake up on Christmas morning. I peek around the corner to see what I got and then wake up my parents.
I would do anything to stay at my home.

The End