Grade 6


What Home Means To Me

What Home Means To Me

Home is like my family. Home is like my family because in my home my family accepts who I am. At home my family feeds me and cooks food for me. A home and a family is the best thing I’ve ever gotten. My family is very special to me. My home gives me an opportunity to have a bedroom to sleep in, a washroom to shower in, and a kitchen to eat in. I usually like to watch T.V. My home has a place for me to stay in during the winter. My home has outlets to charge phones, laptops, and, tablets. My family loves me very much at home. My family lives in a big home. My family takes care of me in the house.

In my home I can do my homework I get from school. At home I can do anything I want to do. At home, after school I would go home, when I would get back home from school I would just jump onto the couch or I would jump onto my parent’s bed. I would usually play with my dog, Cody. My dog is also special to me. My dog is also blessed with a home.
At home I would sometimes pray the Holy Rosary together with my family. I have a place to put things in, like my clothes, toys, and, shoes. I also have a room to place my bed, and, my desk.

In my home I have a lot of pictures hung up on the wall. At home I have lots of memories that I did with my family. As I grew up, I discovered a home with a family that loves me very much, no matter what happens.