Grade 6


What Home Means To Me

What Home Means To Me

Home means absolutely everything to me. I know that in my home I can count on my family to help me with anything. My parents take me to school, feed me, buy clothes for me, and watch over me. In my home we pray, listen, eat, and play together. My parents take my siblings and me to any activities that we have all the time. At home I play with my puppy and family. I can tell my family anything. I can tell them my struggles and problems, and they understand and help me with them.

My parents help me study for tests, and they help me with my homework. My family and I always spend Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, Father’s Day, Halloween, Mother’s Day, and Valentine’s Day celebrating together. These are some of the most fun times we have. When I am at home I take walks with my puppy and family almost every day. My dad and I practice soccer in my backyard all the time so I can get better at it.

My family and I always sit by the fire together. When my mom makes hot chocolate we drink it by the fire together when it’s cold outside. Whenever there are storms my family sits in the living room together and pray together for a little while, after that we usually watch a movie.

When anybody in my family is hurt we will help and comfort them through any tough times. We will need a home no matter how old we are, big or small, it is the most important thing that you could ever have. I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have a home. It means everything to me. I love my beautiful, wonderful home.