Grade 6


What Home Means To Me

What Home Means To Me
Home is where I feel safe, my family is my home. Wherever I am, if I am with my family, I feel at home. My home can be half way across the world, if I am with my family, I will still be at home. Home is where I can tell everyone about my day, and it is also where I rest if I am sick. I make my best memories at home. I feel loved, safe, calm, and that people understand me.
We are always together, if we are not, we call, text, or Skype to update each other on what we missed. We go on trips, and to shows together, and we enjoy doing these things together. We are strong together my mom, dad, two brothers, and me. When I grow older, I want a family too. We may not be perfect, but I fell at home with the people I love. There are second homes. For me it is school, the dance studio, and the park, they are all welcoming and warm.
When we come home we are greeted by our pet fish and lizard. Our pets are great to hang out with, to relax, taking everything off mind. At home we are loud, and sometimes quiet. We fight, then come to our agreement. We love our home and each other and that will never change.