Grade 4


What Home Means To Me

What Does Home Mean to Me?
My home is a warm and safe place to live in, I get to have some time with my family. I get to sleep in a nice bed, I have nice clothes to wear and some nice shoes to walk in. I celebrate birthdays and special occasions at my house, invite some friends to come to my house and have sleepovers. I have a big basement to do my dance and gymnastics. I have a huge backyard to play around, I have a trampoline, a swing set and a shed. My home is so important to me.
If I didn’t have a home, I would always be cold and unsafe. I will only have a little bit of food and water. I will have to sleep on the hard concrete. I would not have nice clothes to wear and no nice shoes to wear. I can’t celebrate birthdays and special occasions because I have no one to celebrate with, I can’t invite some friends to play with because I’m lonely. I know how it feels for the homeless people, I hope they will find a home soon. I am thankful for a house to live in!

By: Ira Canong