Grade 4


what home means to me

What Home Means to Me?
I love my home because it keeps me warm it makes me happy. I’m grateful for my house. It’s sad that some people have to live on the street and in their car. I love that I have a home. I can sleep, eat, and play, I love my house. I live in a house with my mom. I love here, I love my house. My house is there to comfort me every morning and every night.
If I didn’t have home, I wouldn’t like it. I wouldn’t be warm and I wouldn’t have a house to comfort me. I am grateful to have a house. I have a mom, no dad, but I still have a home and I’m grateful.
In some places people don’t have a house, it’s sad and that’s why I want to help people. I live in a good community, it has houses, a grocery store, and a restaurant. I love my home.