Grade 4


what home means to me

What home means to me?
My home means to me is a place with memories and were love lives family to see. My house means a place to play without anything to worry about. My house gives me a place to sleep, or gives me heat, or have a shower, or get food to eat. My house gives me electricity and something to do. When I think about other people that don’t have a house I feel so bad, I feel like donating stuff so that they can have the same feeling that I do. I wish people didn’t need to pay for things. It should just be free to show people that you care about them. I wish people could find people that don’t have things and you could buy them things for free, and they don’t have to die, they could survive and have the things we have. I feel bad when I hear people lose their job because they have to find a new job, they could go broke, what if you would never find a job again? You would not survive. What if you had kids? Do you want them to survive? Sure you do, but if you don’t have a job how are your kids going to survive? No thing comparable to home.