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what home means to me

What Home Means to Me
If I didn’t have a home, I don’t know what I would do. My family is big so it would be hard to get food. Being in a big family and without a home would be hard. For all those big families without a home I care how hard they try to get enough food for them all.
I love my home. I smile and feel warm on the inside when I look at it. Sometimes I feel worried about how cold it is outside in the winter. Then I remember all the people that have nothing to eat, nothing to keep them warm. I am lucky that I have the home that I do. I share a room with my sister and sometimes I think it is not fair. Then I think, imagine all the people that don’t even have a room to sleep in.
I care about all the people that have to sleep outside in the cold. The people that don’t have a home I really care about. My house is super important to me. I hope we raise enough money to donate to habitat humanity so lots of people get homes this year and in 2017. I really want every county to do it too. I want to have every person to have a home like I do. I hope we raise over 20,000 dollars. Even 100 000 dollars would make a huge deference to people in Canada. I believe we can change the world in an amazing way. The people that believe they can change the world are often the ones who do it.
I know my home is one of the only things I need. A house is different from a home by a home is some where you are loved, cared for and safe. A house is a home for someone else then you. If I didn’t have a home I would be just looking for a place to call my home but, I know I will not be safe there and I will hope someone so kind will help me out.
I know that we all can make a difference in our own way. All we have to do is really try hard and make a difference. I think this is an amazing idea. This is like one of the best ideas ever thought of. I agree with the thought of helping out the people that don’t have a home. I think that the people that do this are totally amazing. The thing that habitat for humanity is building homes for other people that don’t have a home.