Grade 4


What Home Means to me

What Home Means to Me
Home is a place where I get lots of love, it’s safe, with a cozy bed to sleep in and my mom to cook me those supers I come home to. There is no place like home.

But some people do not feel that way. That is why Habitat for Humanity is trying to build houses for those people. So then those people can feel safe, warm and loved.

If I was homeless I would be scared and unsafe. I would have to sleep outside it wouldn’t be warm like a house. I would not have a warm bed to come home to and a table with delicious food on it. It would not be like home.

I wish homes would just be free. Everyone should have a home no matter how big or small and tall or short, everyone should have a home to feel safe and warm. It is not fair to the people who do not have a home. So hopefully those people get a home from Habitat for Humanity then everyone can feel safe.

Written by Harrison MacKenzie