Grade 5


What Home Means to Me

When I’m in my home I can be free, with my family and friends including me. I love my home that’s why I’m making this poem. Home is where I want to be when there’s a storm, inside nice and safe. My home is where I can fall asleep in my comfy blue bed, where I can snuggle with my little brown ted!! My home provides safety, shelter, water and food and everyone in my home is always in some sort of mood. When I’m in my home I bounce, burst, dash, scamper and leap, I hope we always keep our home. When I’m in my home I feel like I was just buried in a million warm hugs. I play soccer in my basement hoping one day I’ll be a famous soccer player but for now I’ll practice hard in my home. When I’m in my home I don’t have to be anywhere else in the world just to play because in my home I can imagine anything knowing that I’m free in my home. Sometimes I’m not in my home but I still feel free whether I’m in my backyard, next to my home as long as my eyes can see my home I know I’m free. My home is where I can sit on the floor peacefully thinking of how lucky we are to have a home. But I can’t help myself from thinking that there’s people out in the world with no homes and I’m eager to help people get homes so they can feel like there under millions of marshmallows melting on them, so they can be happy like us. We can help them today, tomorrow, any day as long as we help those people get homes that’s what matters.