Grade 4

Prince Edward Island

What home means to me

Home means a lot to me and these are some things that home means to me. Firstly I will be talking about my memories. My first birthday present was a dress and it had nice decorations. The second one is my first toy. It is a cute teddybear.My third one is Alisa’s dimond she gave me. It all ways reminds me of her. The last one is my biggest birthday.Everyone in my family came. These are some of my memories from my home.Second, I will be talking about my space. First I have space to put all my my toys. Second I have space to do my homework.Third, I have space to put my bed.The last one is I have space for my own room.Finally, I will be talking about my family. The first thing is when I watch TV at home with my family. Second, I play with my family at home.Third is when I sleep with them at home.Family , Space and memories are some things my house gives to me.