Grade 5


What Home Means to Me

Home is where I live. I love my home. It’s where I want to be. When there’s a storm, shelter is here. I play soccer in my basement, hoping that one day I’ll become a soccer star. Home is where we have fun! We have trouble sometimes, but it’s okay. Home is where I proudly live, where comfort comes in. Home feels like being a marshmallow warmed up by your parents hugs. So soft, cuddly, comfy, and warm, feeling of love. Every home is different, everyone enjoys their own home. Where everyone’s full of glee. It was built to share happiness. Our love is all around. It’s always going to be there, to share. It’s part of your home’s history when others are inside. They feel they belong somewhere too. From when we were little until now we’re old. Love’s everywhere. No matter how old we get memories are made. They’re meant to be kept forever. Some people don’t have homes. They don’t have warmth to be comfy. We need to help them. I know I’m eager to help people out. When they have a home it changes their life, for the first time they feel warmth and happiness. They’re so ecstatic that they have a home of their own. That would been their first memory made. We want to help, so let’s make their dream come true.