Grade 5


What Home Means to Me

It means you have love and to help the hurt or sad. It means family,you have friends,mom,dad,pets,siblings,even extended family. You can also have family time, family game night, a movie night or even pizza night, like the feeling when you come home and your parents say “we’re going to a movie” and you get ready as fast as you can. Like when you don’t want to leave because your pets are sitting at the door, and when you come back your pets are at the window wagging their tails and greet you when you come in. My home means a loving and welcoming place that you feel safe in. when I get a good mark I go home and tell them they hug me and give me encouraging words, and if I don’t they still say good try. A home is a place that you work hard and still get loved. Where if you get in trouble you’ll still be loved at the end of the day. I wonder what it would be like without a home?