Grade 6

North Battleford

What Home Means To Me

What does home mean to me?
We all know home means something different for everyone.There is different meanings to” home”,I think of home as love, a place to stay, and safety.

I love my family and my family loves me ,and everytime I walk into my “home” I see my family,I tell them that I love them and they tell me they love me.My “home” makes me think of love because my family has Christmas,birthdays,and special events with the ones we love like our aunts ,uncles, grandmas, cousins, siblings,our parents, and others.

My “home” is my home base.It’s where I sleep, eat, and go besides when I’m at school or around town.I love being at home on the weekends so I can have sleepovers at my place and play games and watch TV with my family.When I’m at home, I spend quality time with my family.
My “house” is safe, I feel safe at my house with my family, they protect me and they won’t let anything happen to me.We can lock our house and make are family feel safer then being outside at night.My house feels safe,which is a good thing.

It’s certainly clear that “home” means a lot to me.Home is something beautiful to me home is love,a place to stay,and it’s safe…