Grade 6


What home means to me

What Home Means To Me!

This house don’t feel like home!A house is just four walls, and a home is where your heart grows.Did you know a house is nothing compared to a home. Homes are special to many. Homes are safe places to fall.My homes is what bring me love and makes me safe.

A house is just an empty shell until you fill it with love and respect to become a home. A home is warm, secure and it is place that lets you express your feelings,a house is just a building. A home is somewhere you’ll spend your whole life, houses are just to look at. Too many a home could mean many different things like,the city you grew up in, a favorite family vacation spot or a walk on the beach with your gramma. You can turn your house into a home.

My home brings me safety. In my home i have lot’s of shelter and warmth. In my home I feel invited. My home gives me food,water,clothes and shelter. A home is safety in my eyes. It’s love and respect.

Sometimes a house doesn’t feel like home. Because a house is just four walls and a home is for the heart. You can compare a house to a home cause i just showed you how. Homes are very special to many. They are also safe. That is why my home is what brings me love and makes me safe.A home is a place that makes me feel special. I can have family gatherings in my home. A home makes me feel loved and respected.My home is a place for me to exspress my personality in the way i decorate it. My home is mine!