Grade 6


What home means to me

A home is no ordinary place. A home, to me is way more than just a house. A home gives me shelter and keeps us safe. It’s a place that I go to be myself, but most importantly my home means family and gatherings with the people I love. There are so many different types of houses, but there is only one home for me.

First of all, a home gives me shelter and keeps me safe. It protects me in so many ways. A roof over my head protects me from bad weather such as rain, snow and lightning. The walls around me protects me from strangers or bad people trying to cause harm. My home is a place where I eat, sleep and get better when I am sick or hurt. I always feel safe when I’m at home with my family.

Secondly, home is a place where I can be myself. When I’m at home even when I have a rough day at school, I can come home and do what I want to do. When I get home I usually like to practice sports. I will spend hours practicing with my mom or dad. Sometimes if I want to be alone I can go to my room and read a book or write in my journal. Being myself makes me feel free.

The most important thing about my home is family. I have lots of family members that I love to be around. Sometimes it’s just me and my sister while other times it’s me and cousins and relatives. Family is the most important thing to me on the planet. I actually have two houses, my dads and moms, but they both mean home to me. Home isn’t just about the place it’s about the people in it.

In conclusion, home means different things to different people. Some people may not even live in a house or have shelter, but it doesn’t mean they don’t have a home. To me, home gives me shelter and safety, it helps me to be myself and most importantly, it gives me family.