Grade 5


What Home Means to Me

Home is a place where you feel safe. The difference between a home and a house is a house is just a place you stay and a home is where you live and your memories are. I like my home because I have lots of memories there. One of them is the inside of my closet where I stamped the wall when I wanted to paint my room when I was 4. A home is nice because you get to do things you like to do because all your stuff that YOU picked is there. In a home there is just stuff that others picked out for who lives there. A home is built for you and not for some other family unlike a normal house is. For example, If you went on vacation and stayed in a hotel it is not where you live but is a place you are staying in for a little while and when you come home you will have a nice place that you like. If you have cats some memories are like your cat threw up on the carpet and you cannot get it out it is a memory that you will not forget. You love your home with your custom backyard and not just one tree and some grass. That is what home means to me.