Grade 5


What home means to me

What Home Means To Me Home is a place where no harm is done. At home you can’t get hurt as it is like a gigantic safe room. When you’re getting chased or are injured you go home. You take your coat off and come inside. Home means living in a place where you retreat to. Home is what your parents bought for safety and protection for you and your siblings to be protected with care. Home is what you look forward to at the end of the day. It is where you can have a cat and you can have a dog and a free life for whatever you want to do with it. Home is where you can decorate however you want and wherever you want and move furniture so it is the best for you. When you can get home you can be you all you want with no one bossing you around. When your home you can’t be judged,bullied,or yelled at you can just be you. Home is where no one can knock you down you’re always happy no matter the cause. When you’re home if you’re sad just ask anyone to cheer you up.There isn’t a time where you can’t go home.Unless you’re
out of money and you live on the streets but I know that the meaning of home fund will give you a home for sure and that will be amazing. Home is education, food, friendly, shelter, room, heat and most importantly FAMILY. When you’re at home you can’t be alone or sad because your home is your friend and if you don’t have a home a fund can can help you out and give you an amazing home with beds and warmth.