Grade 6


What Home Means To Me

What does home mean to me?

Home is where you could write your poems and call your own
Where you could live your life happily and love your family
Home is a place to me where you could live peacefully and joyfully
Where you could meet new friends and have fun
Where you could be yourself, be different and express yourself in your own unique way
Home is where you care for others and share your feelings
Where you laugh and be safe
Where you go to sleep and keep all the good memories in your heart
It’s a place where you could chase your dreams and become what you want
There’s no place like my home or your home or anyone’s home
It’s your life in your own great way
It’s where you grow up,
Where you eat and drink as well live life and get hurt, get sad, mad, happy, angry, frustrated or even surprised
It’s just like memories
Home is made with walls and beams and filled with halls and dreams
Home is like your destiny, where you could do your best
It’s like magic but with more logic
Like an experience of feelings with you
Like a personal experience
Without my home, it will be so depressing but with my home, it will be such a blessing
If not it’s like everything’s missing
Home is where your story begins
Some people don’t have a home and some people do have a home. I hope that I can make a difference and get the people who don’t have a home a home so they can live in a home happily
I hope I win and that I can make difference in others life and give them a beautiful place to live.