Grade 6


What Home Means To Me

Home is where you and your family lives. It’s where you learn how to talk and ride bike. You feel safe there, like you belong. You spend time with your family there, even if it’s just watching a movie. You have your birthdays there and have fun with friends. Sometimes you get disciplined, but your parents do it for the best.

You create memories there. Sadly sometimes you have to move, but soon you’ll feel the same feeling you felt with your old house. When you’ve been gone for a while and you come back home it will smell… like home!

There’s no place that you’d rather be. Home is where your heart is. It’s sometimes hard to leave home because you leave all your memories behind, but it’s good to make new ones. Even if you do leave home, when you come back you’ll feel like you belong and all the memories will come back to your heart Home is more than just a place you live, it’s where your life starts. That’s what home means to me.