Grade 6

North Battleford

What Home Means To Me

We all know that home is something different for everyone! I love my home because, it’s safe, comforting and loving. When I go home I feel happy to see my family and friends. This is what home means to me.

First of all, home means safty to me. I feel very safe because, I feel like I can be myself. Also, I’m not scared to sit somewhere. Like when you’re at someone’s house and you’re scared to sit somewhere. I feel safe and sound right where I am; no need to move. Home is amazing and so safe.

Secondly, home is where I feel comfort. I feel comfort because they don’t judge me and don’t say hurtful things. I can trust them with everything like if i’m i need information. Also we all sit on the coach and have a nice conversation and I feel comfort and happy. Home is special to me.

Third of all, home is loving. I can trust in them and talk to them. I can talk to them when I’m sad or when I need advice. Also, whatever I do they will love me, no matter what. That’s why home is loving to me . I can’t live without my love of family.
To conclude, now you see what home means to me. It clearly means a lot to me. It’s safe,comforting and most of loving. I love my home so much i hope you like yours. Do you love your home as much as me and what does your home mean to you.