Grade 6


What Home Means To Me

What Home Means To Me…
Home is a place where I go everyday,
where family and friends hang out and play.
Safe inside from the dark and the cold,
Our home is unique as we are told.
A game or a book to pass some time,
playing outside and hearing the wind chime.
Our garden has some beautiful flowers,
Sometimes they grow as big as towers.
Memories, friends and pets you see,
is a big part of my family.
Family tradition that we do every year,
like Christmas and waiting for Santa’s reindeer.
Sleepover parties with my friend,
we have so much fun that we don’t want to end.
Popcorn is good to eat,
with a movie as a treat.
We go camping all summer long,
by the fire we have a sing along.
Home is where the memories start,
And they are all safe within my heart.
No matter if I live in a city or a town,
I know when I’m home, I will never frown.