Grade 6

Bay Roberts
Newfoundland and Labrador

What Home Means To Me

A home to me is a special place where you are protected and where your parents teach you about life as you grow up everyday.It’s where your relationships grow for everyone you know and loved.Home is a thing we all need for it’s where we start and end the day.We are all different in our own way and at home you learn more about yourself.When you feel sad,at home you have family to keep you happy.At home you feel loved,safe and needed.The world is different for everyone,some see it as a dangerous place where they have nowhere to go.Others see it as a place everyone is treated the same and they help others that need help.Life may have it’s ups and downs but no matter what everyone needs a home.It’s where you sleep,eat,live and learn.It’s where you make moments.It’s home.