Grade 6

Newfoundland and Labrador

What Home means to me

What does home mean to me?

A house is just on the outside a home is in the inside where the family is.

My home makes me feel secure it hides me from the storm it gives me confidence when i’m sad.My home makes me happy it helps my family and we keep it clean. My home makes me happy when i can play in my house with all of my sisters.I mostly play with my two younger sisters and one of my older sisters .Sometimes my two younger sisters can be loud but it wouldn’t be home without them.My home keeps me warm in the winter and cool in the summer.The walls keep me safe while I’m in playing with my sister’s.It’s where I feel my faith and where my family care for me daily.Sometimes it can be loud especially at night, that’s when I hear him snoring and then it gets loud.When I get home from school mostly every day I see my sister’s and I go to see my mom and my dad and then go to see my cat and my dog.Home is very imported to me because it’s where I get to go to see my family.That’s what home means to me.